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Meters Music review

Review Telegraaf Digital:
Headphones under the spotlight
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New! Meters Music M-Ears

Meters Music introduces the ‘M-Ears’ earbuds – created in collaboration with U2’s Adam Clayton.

British music and sound specialists, Meters Music, have announced the launch of the new M-Ears in-ear headphones, created in collaboration with U2 bassist Adam Clayton.

Meters Music

Since 1997 Ashdown Engineering has had a legitimate claim to be the world’s foremost experts on bass performance, creating bass guitar amplification for many of the world’s greatest bands like Foo Fighters, System of a Down, U2 and many more.

Meters by Ashdown Engineering brings every ounce of that legacy to bear in design, engineering and acoustic expertise to create a unique new range of headphones that bring together lifestyle and audiophile aspirations in one incredible package.

Ashdown Tourbus

Bassist Michael Rhodes, known for playing with artists such as Joe Bonamassa, the Dixie Chicks, Tanya Tucker, and Dolly Parton, uses an Ashdown Tourbus during his tours.