Our history

Benelly Import started in the 1980s as a small, customer-oriented guitar shop in Groningen, later moving to The Hague. There, founders Ben and Elly soon found themselves confronted with the limitations of a cramped shop space and moved, a year later, to a larger location on the same street.

The first importership arose during this period. The Spanish brand Alhambra had such potential that its distribution, originally started as a side-line, quickly grew to become an important pillar for the fledgling company. Through the acquisition of Martinez and the market launch of its own brand Juan Salvador, Benelly Import became a full-fledged distributor of classical guitar brands.

In order to live up to its own service and quality standards, a luthier workshop was added so that the dealers could sell the classical guitars without concern, ‘right from the box’. The company grew and became the leading classical specialist in the Netherlands.


By becoming a member in 2008 of the RRB Group, the import branch of Benelly Import professionalized further, so the company now meets the requirements of the current (internet) market. In addition, the M.I. branch related import activities of other RRB companies merged with those of Benelly Import. As a result, electric guitars, guitar amps and effects pedals were added to the portfolio. This allowed Benelly Import to establish itself more firmly throughout the Benelux.

The divestiture in 2015 of retailer Casa Benelly meant that from that time forward, Benelly Import could focus entirely on distribution. This put an even greater focus on the dealers, and the company continued to grow in pace with the times to become and remain a modern, service-oriented and reliable wholesale partner. With good conditions as its starting point, Benelly Import helps its dealers to maintain healthy business operations.


The twenty-four-hour economy knocked emphatically on the door with its 'I am the customer and I want it now!’ requirements even in the usually so traditional M.I. sector. In a world in which transparency and speed are becoming increasingly important, we are prepared for the future so that we can continue to provide our dealers and their customers the best information, instruments and associated products. We are there for you before, during, and after purchase, just as you have always been accustomed to expecting from us.

Times change, even in the world of (classical) guitars; but Benelly Import continues to work with the same passion, expertise and commitment to the dealers as they began in 1983.