It all started with a simple idea and would later grow into the world’s most famous Spanish guitar brand. Three carpenters, who ran a small workshop together, planted the seed for Alhambra at the beginning of the 1960s, when one of them suggested building a traditional, classic Spanish guitar.

Using a guitar lent by a family member as an example, a prototype was built and then progressively improved and refined with the aid of local music professors. On 14 June 1965, the company, Manufactura Alhambra S.A., was founded.

Nu, ruim vijftig jaar later, wordt er bij Alhambra Guitarras nog steeds volgens de traditionele filosofie van de drie oprichters gewerkt. Zo heeft elke Alhambra de authentieke ‘Spaanse hiel constructie’ en wordt er alleen met de best mogelijke toonhoutsoorten gewerkt.

Now, more than fifty years later, Alhambra Guitarras still operates according to the traditional philosophy of its three founders. This gives each Alhambra the authentic “Spanish heel construction” and only the best possible types of wood are used.


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