At Ashdown Amplification, they have got bass running through their veins. The Ashdown story begins in 1997, when founder, Mark Gooday, was already a veteran in the world of bass amplification. Before his time with Ashdown, he was one of the driving forces behind a well-known, English bass amplifier brand that dominated the bass guitar sound of the 1980s.

Thanks to this reputation, Ashdown was able to utilise the experience and desires of famous bassists like Mark King (Level 420, John Entwistle (The Who), and JJ Burnel (The Stranglers) during its development phase. Inspired by their feedback, Gooday shifted focus onto the design of the next generation of bass amplifiers, which would have a superior sound and an unparalleled, robust, “on-the-road” quality. The unmistakable, unique look would just be the cherry on top.

Mission accomplished! Ashdown set a new standard for flexibility, strength, and reliability and is now an unstoppable icon for (beginning) bassists with ambition and in search of that solid bass sound.


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