Tastefully designed with Art Deco elements on the outside, bursting with astounding innovation on the inside: that is a fitting description of Duesenberg Guitars.

This is the brand used by stars like Joe Walsh and Glenn Frey of The Eagles, Mike Campbell of
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan, and Jeff Lynne of ELO. Newer generations of rockers, like Soundgarden, John Mayer, and actor/musician Johnny Depp, are die-hard fans as well and appreciate their expansive sound palette, exceptional playability, and flawless details. For the development of its exclusive Alliance line, Duesenberg even arranged a collaboration with some of them.

Due to the fact that Duesenberg equips the instruments with electronic connections in an entirely unique way, develops its own hardware, and, in addition to the classic craftsmanship, does not avoid computer-guided processes during production and finishing, the instruments offer a specific, distinctive sound and a sophisticated level of playing comfort that exceeds those of all other brands. Or, as Joe Walsh of The Eagles puts it: “There are some guitars that stand alone and Duesenberg is one of them.”


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