The Gitano is a tool for guitarists that was developed by Kurt Oberleitner based on the didactic work Methode Pour la Guitare by Fernando Sor.
Fernando Sor was a music teacher, guitar virtuoso, and a composer. He is considered by many to be one of the most important composers of guitar music.

Many guitarists suffer from back pain due to playing the guitar and this was the reason he developed the leg rest. By using this rest, it is impossible to play with poor posture, which prevents physical problems.

How does the Gitano leg rest work?
The Gitano is placed on the side of the guitar with two suction cups. These suction cups can be attached at the height of the sound hole and are suited for guitars of all sizes, including children's and jazz guitars. By shifting the support somewhat towards the bridge, the angle of the guitar can be determined in relation to the upper leg. It is important to choose that position carefully at first, because the leg rest is not adjustable once you have begun playing the guitar. The rest is placed on the left leg for right-handed guitarists, which shifts the base of the guitar to rest on the right leg. This keeps both feet on the ground, which allows the spine to remain upright and prevents back pain. The two suction cups can easily be attached to the guitar, but they are just as simple to remove. This removal can be performed without causing damage to the guitar.
Since the rest is collapsible, it fits into guitar cases with no issue.