Royal Classics Strings

Royal Classics Strings produces classic strings of the utmost quality in Valencia. They were developed by Juan Grecos, a gifted flamenco guitarist. When he started Royal Classics Strings thirty years ago, he was motivated by his own dissatisfaction with the quality of strings from other brands. Since then, he has come to be seen as an expert on classic strings and gives guest lectures at universities.

The Royal Classics Strings selection is well thought-out and balanced. By offering titanium and carbon strings in addition to the traditional nylon, any guitarist can find the tension that best suits them. This provides guitarists with a much more varied set of choices than the typical ‘normal’, ‘medium’ and ‘hard’ tensions.

In addition to their Ukulele Strings and a Nail Kit, Royal Classics Strings also offers a series of full-fledged, high-quality Children’s Strings for younger players.

The result of Juan Grecos’ approach has been that many professional players and guitar manufacturers have made the decision to go with Royal Classics Strings.


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