Pat McManusThe philosophy behind Vintage Guitars is to produce a professional instrument suited for any type of music at a reasonable price that sounds good, can be played easily, and, most importantly, has a premium look and feel.

With the Vintage Acoustic line, we provide affordable, great-sounding acoustic guitars based on legendary predecessors. They are also known for their superior playability. This extensive collection of electric and bass guitars is inspired by rare, iconic models from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

With Trevor Wilkinson as its driving force, Vintage Guitars has an internationally acclaimed guitar guru on its side and, using the tuners, hardware, and electronics he developed, has been able to bring high-quality instruments to the market at an extraordinarily competitive price.

Benelly Import performs exhaustive quality control checks at its own Luthier Atelier, so that each Vintage Guitars instrument offered by the dealers has been thoroughly fine tuned and meets the expectations of the musician.