Benelly Import has exceptional, carefully selected brands in its portfolio. Our experienced employees are happy to provide you with knowledgeable recommendations and offer customised solutions. Furthermore, they focus on building a long-term relationship. Honouring agreements, repairing unexpected defects, and taking responsibility are all cornerstones of our business practices and relationships which, both inside and outside the business, are based on a no-nonsense approach, transparency, love for the product, and mutual trust.

Service oriented

At Benelly Import, no one is more important than the client. Of course, we thoroughly enjoy our interactions with clients and we are focused on achieving goals together in a gratifying way. Thanks to this interplay between us, we learn something new each day and can continue to improve the service in our Sales Department and Luthier Atelier.


Everyone who works at Benelly Import has a musical bent. Even in departments where product knowledge is not a priority, there are employees who spend their weekends on stage or in the studio. Benelly Import employees do not need additional motivation to enjoy the profession. Guitars and sound are in their DNA: these are their passions. And they are happy to share their passion and practical experience with you.