• Study Finds the Bass Guitarist Is Most Important Band Member 09/10/2017
    It’s official: Bassists are more important than guitarists. A study conducted at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, set out to determine the importance of low-frequency information on music listeners. Their results, published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, were revealing.

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  • Meters Music review 14/09/2017
    Review Telegraaf Digital:
    Headphones under the spotlight
    Read the whole article (pdf) here. (Dutch only)

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  • New! Meters Music M-Ears 07/08/2017
    Meters Music introduces the ‘M-Ears’ earbuds – created in collaboration with U2’s Adam Clayton.

    British music and sound specialists, Meters Music, have announced the launch of the new M-Ears in-ear headphones, created in collaboration with U2 bassist Adam Clayton.

    The M-Ears’ sound performance was developed in close collaboration with Clayton. Speaking of his creative partnership with the Meters team, he said, “I love the Ashdown team’s approach to sound. I’ve been using their bass amps in the studio and on tour with U2 for years now, and the sound I get from them is superb. So, I was very happy to work with them on the development and tuning of their new ‘M-Ears’ headphones.”
  • Meters Music 11/07/2017
    Since 1997 Ashdown Engineering has had a legitimate claim to be the world’s foremost experts on bass performance, creating bass guitar amplification for many of the world’s greatest bands like Foo Fighters, System of a Down, U2 and many more.

    Meters by Ashdown Engineering brings every ounce of that legacy to bear in design, engineering and acoustic expertise to create a unique new range of headphones that bring together lifestyle and audiophile aspirations in one incredible package.
  • Ashdown Tourbus 27/06/2017
    Bassist Michael Rhodes, known for playing with artists such as Joe Bonamassa, the Dixie Chicks, Tanya Tucker, and Dolly Parton, uses an Ashdown Tourbus during his tours.
  • Duesenberg at a glance 13/06/2017
    Duesenberg offers an nice overview of it's collection at one glance.

  • New catalogue Martinez 09/05/2017
    The new catalogue of Martinez is available. It offers extensive information about models and materials.

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    Contact us through email or by phone +31(0)70 36 550 30.
  • Webshop exclusively for dealers 14/04/2017

    From now on, it is possible (exclusively for dealers) to place orders, check current stock, and find purchase prices with product information via our webshop.

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  • Funk Face 15/03/2017
  • Duesenberg surprised us at the NAMM with four new models. 27/02/2017
    New Duesenberg models
    "Starplayer TV Phonic"

    The Starplayer TV Phonic finished in Venetian White with gold hardware screams for attention. It takes you back to the era of rousing rock ’n roll and also offers the versatility of a modern instrument.

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  • Vintage Guitars 2017 product news 24/02/2017
    New Duesenberg models
    Vintage VTR800PB-12 - Viator Paul Brett 12 String Electro Acoustic Travel Guitar.
    Paul Brett, a veteran from the British mid-sixties rock scene, is also a music journalist for various trade journals, in addition to being an excellent guitarist. Read more »
  • New! Royal Classics Strings White Series 23/02/2017
    RC Strings Bright and defined tone
    Royal Classics Strings White Series

    With the introduction of the White Series strings, (guitar and ukulele) Royal Classics Strings gives the musician more freedom of choice. The White Strings distinguish themselves with a very bright sound and very defined tone.

    Available for guitar in Normal and High tension, and ukulele in Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone sets. Minimum order amount per box of 12 sets.

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  • Ashdown 2017 Product News 23/02/2017
    New Ashdown gear
    Ashdown ABM-600 EVO-IV & ABM 410 EVO-IV 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

    In an industry that changes constantly, it is remarkable that Ashdown has created an oasis of calmness and reliability with the ABM range.

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  • Catalinbread 2017 Product News 13/02/2017
    New Epoch pedals
    The story behind the two Catalinbread Epoch pedals.

    They have a special collection of vintage effects at Catalinbread. And they are brought out on a regular basis. What is remarkable when they are played is the inspiring sound. Why do the effects that were played previously on the amplifier nevertheless sound so full and multi-dimensional? Is it due to the higher internal voltage? The fact that they work on alternating current? The physically larger components?

  • Catalinbread Topanga – Special Edition Woody – 60’s outboard spring reverb tank 21/12/2016
    Image title
    The Topanga is a reverb pedal, inspired by the Fender 6G15 spring reverb tank. This unit was introduced in 1961 and instantly had a huge impact on the sound of many guitar bands. A large part of the magic associated with a separate reverb is created as a result of the reverb signal coming through the amp’s preamplifier, which subsequently distorts the reverb, along with the guitar signal.

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  • The world’s lightest capo: the G7th UltraLight 15/12/2016
    Image title
    The UltraLight is made from the youngest generation of composite materials (lifetime guarantee) and is suitable for acoustic (steel string) and electric guitars. It’s available in the market in black, red and blue and is supplied in an attractive blister pack. A classic version and an expansion of the available colours will follow at a later stage.

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  • New Benelly Import website 08/11/2016
    Our RBB Marketing and ICT employees have developed a new website! This will allow us to significantly improve our service provision.

    You also have the option of downloading product information, in addition to the price lists. Each dealer will first be given their own login during the first quarter of 2017 and the webshop will go live. Orders can be placed in a quick and well organised manner via the webshop and photographs and texts can be downloaded per product.
  • ProCo RAT 2 07/11/2016
    “The sound of the Underground”

    The ProCo RAT 2 is the legendary distortion pedal which has inspired the traditional rock guitarists to find their own sounds for decades, right up until the present day.

    The RAT 2 is often imitated, but none of these copies can match the popularity, quality and gritty versatility of the original. This is the distortion pedal which is used as a reference point for other distortion pedals. Only a ProCo Rat 2 has that sought after RAT sound which we can associate with so many guitarists since 1978.
  • New G7th Blue Limelight & Ultra Light 10/10/2016
    Image title
    The successful G7th flagship, the Performance 2 capo, is now also available as the G7th Blue in metallic blue.
  • Catalinbread Fuzzrite 10/10/2016
    Image title
    The Catalinbread Fuzzrite has been established in close collaboration with Mark Moseley. Moseley worked at Mosrite during the nineteen sixties, his father’s company where the Mosrite Fuzzrite first saw the light of day. The Fuzzrite definitely changed the sound of the electric guitar and played the lead in psychedelic bands like Iron Butterfly and garage bands like The Stooges.